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1 month ago

Calling All East End Homebuyers (Hamptons, North Fork & Shelter Island)

Over the past six years, we've quietly established a Buyer's Agency on the East End, custom-tailored to meet the needs of today's discerning buyers. Today's buyers are no longer satisfied with just the usual "comps" and market statistics; they demand more, and quite frankly, they need more. Homeownership, as we all know, entails time, effort, and careful planning; it's not all fun and games. What modern buyers are truly seeking is a comprehensive solution that covers every facet of the homeownership journey. Additionally, considering the East End's status as one of the world's most lucrative rental markets, they also require assistance in identifying, analyzing, and monetizing their rental properties without getting bogged down in the details. This is exactly what we've crafted at StayMarquis: a full-service homeownership solution for East End buyers.

The homeownership lifecycle can be divided into four major categories:

  1. The Purchase: This is everyone's favorite part and arguably the most critical. Traditionally, you'd work with a buyer's agent to find your dream home and navigate the market, comparables, and negotiations until closing. So, how has StayMarquis improved this process for buyers? We blend what's currently offered with what should be. Given that a significant portion of the market comprises full-time or part-time vacation rentals, we assist you in assessing properties from an investment perspective. This is crucial for running a successful vacation rental: we provide rental projections, operating expense estimates, occupancy assumptions, and more. Whether you're buying to rent or not, understanding your home's investment potential is essential for making sound decisions in the East End's competitive market. But that's not all. Unlike traditional brokerages that may step back after you purchase your home, with StayMarquis, we're just getting started.
  2. Preparation for Use and/or Rent: Next comes the preparation phase. Even if you believe you've purchased a "turn-key" property, there's usually some preparation required before you can start using or renting it. Traditionally, this involves managing numerous vendors and overseeing renovations, landscaping, furniture deliveries, and the procurement of essential items. It can feel like a full-time job, and you might not even be local during this process. Enter StayMarquis' "Refresh" service, where we take the reins in managing your property's preparation. Whether it's a full renovation or just some touch-ups, regardless of the project's size, we assist in getting your new home ready. Today's buyers, particularly on the East End, lack the time, energy, and expertise to navigate this process smoothly. We shoulder the burden, allowing you to shape your vision for the home while providing valuable input on cost-effectiveness. We execute and bring your vision to life.
  3. Rental Management: Managing a successful rental property involves the nitty-gritty day-to-day tasks. Marketing, vetting guests, communicating before, during, and after their stay, cleaning, property preparation, post-checkout inspections - all of these responsibilities fall on your shoulders without a Rental Management service. For owners who don’t anticipate renting, given the fluidity of home usage on the East End, you may unexpectedly receive lucrative rental offers or start spending less time at the property, prompting you to consider monetization. Some individuals enjoy this hands-on approach, but for those who don't or simply lack the time and expertise, StayMarquis steps in. We have a dedicated team to maximize revenue and manage the on-the-ground efforts required to operate a successful vacation rental property. Our travel concierge secures your rentals, your account manager devises revenue-maximizing strategies, your concierge team handles guest communications, and your property manager takes care of your home between rentals.
  4. Property Management: Distinct from Rental Management, this service focuses on maintaining your property, whether or not you intend to rent it. For those who don't plan on renting, you likely won't be spending all your time at the house, and even if you do, handling all home-related matters on your own can be overwhelming. StayMarquis offers Property Management for both rental and non-rental property owners. We ensure your home is well-maintained with weekly visits, proactive maintenance recommendations, and vendor management. We become your eyes and ears while you're away, providing a single point of contact on the ground. Our goal is for you to arrive at a well-kept, fully functional home when you visit. After all, the last thing anyone wants is to encounter maintenance issues during a weekend getaway.

Buying the right home, preparing it effectively, and simply owning a home all come with their own unique challenges, which is why we've spent years tailoring our services to meet the needs of today's buyers. The beauty of our offering is its flexibility: you can use StayMarquis for all four phases of the homeownership lifecycle or just the ones that suit your needs. We recognize that everyone's plans and situations are unique, and we're here to help you craft a customized plan to realize your larger vision.

Now, let's dive into some real-life examples of how our services have helped homeowners:

9 Seasons Lane, Southampton

These homeowners sought an end-to-end solution for owning and operating a vacation rental property on the East End. We assisted them in identifying, analyzing, and purchasing the property. Subsequently, we helped bring their vision to life, as evidenced by the stunning before-and-after images. Once the property was ready for rental, we activated our Rental Management service, resulting in a successful first rental season. An added bonus? The owners had the opportunity to enjoy some weekends in their East End property with friends and family.

14 Hedge Row Ln, East Hampton

This homeowner, a longtime renter through StayMarquis, decided it was time to become a property owner herself. She aimed to own a home similar to the one she had enjoyed renting, allowing her to escape the city and potentially offset costs by renting when not in use. StayMarquis has been involved in all four phases of her homeownership journey, delivering a true end-to-end experience. To top it off, after entering the rental market just before Labor Day '23, her property is already booked for the majority of '24!

547 Dune Rd, Westhampton

These homeowners were in search of their dream beachfront vacation home - and that's precisely what they acquired. StayMarquis assisted in purchasing the property and now provides ongoing Property Management services. The owners, who opted to handle the design and preparation themselves, wanted two things from StayMarquis: trusted advice on the purchase and a dedicated team to care for the property while they spent most of their time in Manhattan.

In essence, owning a home on the East End is a luxury, but having that property pay for itself through smart monetization strategies is the ultimate goal. Combine this with a dedicated team to manage the day-to-day "business" of owning and operating a vacation rental property, and you have a winning formula. This isn't a dream; it's a reality, and it's called StayMarquis.

Whether you're actively searching for a home on the East End, contemplating it as a future goal, or simply curious about how we can tailor a plan for you, please don't hesitate to contact us by emailing jordan@staymarquis.com, texting 631-616-0026, or scheduling a time HERE to get started!

Jordan Flerx
VP of Business Development

Jordan helps prospective homeowners identify, analyze, and purchase both investment and vacation homes throughout eastern Long Island.

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