Thinking of Purchasing
a Vacation Home?

Our team of real estate investment professionals and property managers provide you with complimentary advisory services throughout your home search and purchase process.

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Four Step Process


We Match You
With an Agent

We only work the most knowledgeable and reputable local real estate agents and match you based on your geographic focus, budget and goals for the property.


We Send
"Property Analyses"

As your agent sends you options, we provide you with "Property Analyses" for each, showing you rental projections so you can make a sound investment.

We Send
"Property Analyses"


We Help Turn
Your Home Into a
Beautiful Space

Once you close on the property, our design professionals can help you with design and furniture procurement to maximize your return on investment.


We Manage
The Logistics

When you are ready to rent, we handle all marketing, booking and property management efforts for you so you can manage your home and earn rental income from anywhere in the world.

We Manage
The Logistics

Amagansett Allure Case Study

Advised the buyer to purchase the home for $1.4m.

Designed and procured furniture and accessories for an all-in cost of $50k (retail value was $70k).

Rented the property in 2020 earning $165k of rental revenue, up from $80k prior to the improvements.

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