Owners Representation

From Concept to Completion: Expert Management for Elegant Spaces

Our Process

Initial Consultation
We offer a comprehensive property tour and intake, detailed floor plan review, and tailored high-level recommendations, setting the foundation for a renovation journey that perfectly aligns with your vision and the unique potential of your home.

Property Assessment
We deliver a meticulous report outlining various levels of recommended upgrades along with estimated budgets, providing a thorough assessment of the value creation and rental impact, guiding you to make informed decisions.

We finalize the project's scope, budget, and schedule, coordinate detailed floor plans, methodically select vendors, and provide assistance with the permitting process, ensuring a well-orchestrated and efficient path to transforming your space.

We manage bids and contracts, organize the procurement of materials, FF&E, and supplies, and oversee every detail of the demolition, construction, installation, and landscaping processes, ensuring a seamless transition from concept to reality.

We efficiently manage all aspects of receiving, inventory, assembly and placement of all furnishings complete with comprehensive contracts and reporting, ensuring a polished and thoroughly executed finish to your beautifully transformed space.