Rental Managment

Earn rental income from your vacation home, stress free

StayMarquis Helps You

Earn More Rental Income
Maximize your vacation rental income with our strategic management service, enhancing property appeal and optimizing pricing strategies to attract more guests and increase your earnings.

Save Time
Reclaim your valuable time by entrusting us with the comprehensive management of your vacation rental, from guest communications to property preparation, freeing you to focus on what matters most to you.

Reduce Stress
Alleviate the stress of vacation rental ownership with our expert handling of all operational details, from booking management to emergency responses, ensuring a seamless and worry-free experience for both you and your guests.

Grow Asset Value
Enhance your property's market value through our strategic improvements and meticulous upkeep, ensuring your vacation rental not only generates income but also appreciates in asset value over time.

Take Time Off
Enjoy the freedom to take time off and relax, knowing your vacation rental is in expert hands, with our service seamlessly managing every detail and ensuring your property thrives even in your absence.

Owner Reviews

All I can say is that StayMarquis has been a game changer for me. They have the most amazing technology platform that will get your house rented! The team at StayMarquis is the most professional team with the best possible service quality ever. I don't even know where to begin but the bottom line is that my house has never been rented as much in any season prior to using them. I only wish I had used them earlier.

The other benefit for me was using them for their concierge service. As I live out of state, it is sometimes difficult to attend to the many things the house needs, but with StayMarquis and the service they provide, I hardly get bothered and everything is taken care of first by the team. They only involve me when I am needed (which is not that often and it's usually just to approve a booking which I am always happy to be “bothered” by).

The last thing I will say is that their market penetration in the Hamptons gives them incredible market insight and when I have any questions regarding pricing, they are always spot on with their analysis. This also ensure that whatever your house rents for will be the most optimal given the market at that time. We even turned down some applicants given their recommendation as they are always looking out for the best interests of you and your beautiful home.

David K

Where would I be without StayMarquis? After the purchase of my rental property in East Hampton was delayed until August, I was worried I had missed the entire rental season and wouldn't be able to get up and running in time. StayMarquis acted incredibly quickly and got my house photographed and marketed within a few days and somehow delivered me over $40k in 2 months. They're vetting process made me feel secure with every renter and their customer service delivered exclusively 5 star reviews from the guest. I never would have been able to do this on my own and I am so thankful I had them as a partner.

Conor L
East Hampton

I had the opportunity to use the services of StayMarquis in our Southampton home. I was immediately drawn to their site by the quality of homes they had in their inventory. The group of friends that rented our home were all professionals and were in town for a conference. I was thrilled when we returned and the home was left in immaculate condition. It gave us the confidence to use their platform again, which we did and we used their premier service that handles everything. A homeowners dream!

Alice L

Thank you all so much for the incredible service you rendered for the tenants and myself this summer. We just came back and the house is immaculate. You guys are really on the ball. Not only do you make renting the house easy, your availability and discernment of clientele provide a new level of comfort to the homeowner.

Peter D

I love the Hamptons as much as the nine guests who stayed at my home last summer. That's why working with StayMarquis is so great, because I was able to use the house between rental periods. And if anyone tells you that renting short term is risky because the guests aren't fully vetted, don't believe it. All nine guests Marquis signed up returned my house in mint condition.

Walter P

The decision to share our home with rental guests was one that required total confidence that they would love and respect the neighborhood and house as we do. As we navigated the whole listing and booking process on our own (with limited help from local realtors), we found the changing dynamics of how people access rental properties via the various internet rental sites created many challenges for us to successfully manage the "right" bookings at the best price.

Thank goodness we found Marquis! From our initial introductory conversation all the way through to the photography and marketing efforts, the booking process and post checkout management of security deposit funds, we have found the Marquis team to be very professional and great partners. They truly have our best interests and objectives in mind every step of the way, and are always there to provide insight and advice to ensure a positive experience for our guests while generating a significantly greater level of rental income than what we had experienced in the past. We highly recommend Marquis to any owner of an upscale rental property in the Hamptons!

Kirstin and Tom C
East Hampton

It was as though StayMarquis had read my mind. How to rent my home in the current changing and competitive vacation rental market in the Hamptons? ...and do it in the most efficient and safe manner possible. The rules have changed in the last couple of years in terms of how to rent your house out, and I was at a loss as to how to continue doing so with the success I had previously enjoyed.

StayMarquis provided an incredibly creative and nimble platform to present my house and a very effective system to take care of all the details for me once it was rented. Their unique thinking in creating a new model in the rental industry was very impressive. I can't recommend them more highly if you are looking for a real estate expert to not only professionally and successfully rent your house for you, but to handle all the details beginning with booking to check-out and everything in between done seamlessly and with great care.

Roseanne H
East Hampton