StayMarquis Partners with Waivo

We've recently entered into an exciting new partnership with a leader in the Vacation Rental Damage Protection space, Waivo. Waivo offers "all-risk" damage protection that is the best in the industry and was created on a simple premise: to offer peace of mind for owners, and a seamless solution for guests.

Now, each booking through StayMarquis will be automatically enrolled into Waivo's program to receive damage protection up to $20,000 per booking. For this coverage, renters will pay a nonrefundable fee to enroll, in lieu of a cash security deposit, and must agree to the protection during the booking process.

Upon the completion of each booking there will be a 14-day window within which all damage claims must be filed (please note, once a claim is filed there will be additional time allotted to provide supporting documentation).

Items to include in a Damage Claim Submission:

  • Submit quality photos that clearly show the damage done by the guest
    • Close-up photo of the damage
    • Photos or description of the brand/model name if applicable
  • Description of claim
    • Indicate number of items damages in description (ex. 10 soiled towels, 2 complete sheet sets)
    • Indicate make/model/brand of damaged items(s), as appropriate (ex. 55" Sony Television)
  • Estimated Cost of Repairs/Replacement on Claim
    • Estimated cost is used in determining and appropriate settlement amount
    • Web links and/or 3rd party estimates to indicate cost of original damaged item are also helpful when applicable
  • Receipts/Invoices on Claim
    • Receipts/Invoices are not required to be included with the initial submission of claim
    • If available, photos of receipts/invoices are extremely helpful for proof of valuation

Once submitted, Waivo will review the damage claim within 24-hours of submission during regular business hours (Monday - Friday, 8am-5pm MST). The Waivo Damage Team will contact StayMarquis via email with the results of the claim. Payment of claims will be remitted to StayMarquis via ACH and will be issued to you once received.

Damages happen, and we at StayMarquis are committed to providing solutions to provide you, your property and your guests with proper protection to ensure you have peace of mind during each and every rental.