The Modern Vacation Home Buyer

The modern vacation home buyer is one who knows the importance of having real estate in their investment portfolio. They understand the tax benefits and its hedge against inflation.

They value experiences. They like to travel, but still want a home base proximate to, but far enough away from, their daily routine.

They value flexibility. They know how lucrative renting their home can be and buy it with the intention of renting it out for some period — whether that's a week or a year, they know there's a market for both so don't have to decide right away. They are comfortable with the idea of letting others use it, and design it in such a way that provides the flexibility to use it or rent it in a flip of a dime.

They value convenience. They juggle work, family, friends, school, clubs, and various other commitments and do not have time to properly manage their home. They are willing to engage help if it means it will be taken care of, even if it comes at a cost. But they budget for that cost before they buy.

They value customization. They want something that is uniquely their own, that they can put their footprint on, and can enjoy with their kids, parents, grandparents, cousins, friends, coworkers, and pets. They find personalizing spaces through renovations and redesigns fulfilling but have no problem leaning on the experts to execute.

At StayMarquis, we spent the last 6 years custom tailoring our service to align with the needs of the modern home buyer. We fused together brokerage, construction, design, rental management, and property management to create an end-to-end service that helps owners with every stage of the home ownership lifecycle.

If you think you might identify with this persona, and whether you already own or are looking to buy, visit to learn more about our capabilities. We do not claim to be a jack of all trades, but are obsessed with every facet of vacation homes, so use us to your benefit!