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Top Tips to Optimize Your Rental Listing

Looking to maximize the potential of your rental property? It's undoubtedly a significant task, but a crucial one for ensuring the success of your listing. As industry veterans, StayMarquis is here to provide you with a data-driven list of winning strategies to optimize your rental listing.


All About Amenities

When renters are searching for the perfect getaway residence, amenity details make all the difference. Per data provided by Airbnb, here are the specific amenities that have proven to significantly boost your rental income.

Kitchen Space

Kitchen Space

A fully equipped kitchen can elevate your earnings by an impressive 7%. Give your guests the ability to craft gourmet meals and make memories with their loved ones in the heart of their rental home. Not sure if your kitchen is fully equipped? Take a look at StayMarquis' Essentials Checklists here.

Business Class

Business Class

Attract business travelers with a "Laptop-Friendly Workspace." This addition can increase your earnings by 14%, offering an environment where productivity meets luxury comfort. High speed WiFi isn't just a preference, but a necessity.

Poolside Paradise

Poolside Paradise

Many renters base their decision on having access to a backyard oasis. Pools and jacuzzis are among the top 5 searched amenities in a rental property. Keeping your jacuzzi open in the winter months will make your property more valuable.



As a significant percentage of travelers want to bring their pets, a welcoming environment for furry companions is a game changer. Over 30% of bookings in the Hamptons in 2023 included a pet.

What A Guest Wants

Understanding what guests look for is the key to success in the rental industry. Data reveals that the most coveted rental features guests base their bookings on are:

  1. All About Reviews: Quality counts. Listings rated above 4.75 stars enjoy a remarkable 10-15% higher booking conversion rate compared to their 4.0 to 4.25-star counterparts. Guests exude confidence when booking properties with a history of positive reviews.
  2. Spotless Spaces A clean space is non-negotiable. Dirty surroundings often lead to bad reviews. Clean your place thoroughly after each guest, every time, so it's always ready and welcoming for the next.
  3. Instant Gratification: The ability to book a property on demand creates a seamless experience, resulting in a 12% boost in earnings. This beacon of simplicity and convenience will attract more frequent bookings.
    Pro-Tip: As much as it can be a nuisance, keep your calendar up to date in real time.
  4. Flexible Cancelation: Offer a more pliable cancellation policy to attract cautious travelers.
  5. Clear Communication: Set expectations through diligent pre-stay communication and availability for mid-stay questions and concerns. If you don't have the time or patience to do so, StayMarquis provides guest communication as part of its rental management service.

StayMarquis is Here to Help

We understand that keeping up with the maintenance and optimization of your listing can be a daunting task. Contact a StayMarquis representative today to learn more about how we can take care of this process for you!

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