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StayMarquis Launches Home Vision

A New and Enhanced Property Management Service For Hamptons Homeowners

New York, NY (August 28, 2020) – Today StayMarquis, a full-service vacation rental company, launched Home Vision, a fully transparent and cost-effective property management service that provides homeowners with the most robust reporting in the industry. After repeatedly hearing from homeowners that finding trustworthy, reliable local support in managing their vacation homes was a real challenge, co-founders Bryan Fedner and Alex Goldstein created Home Vision, a tech-enabled property management service that allows owners to oversee their homes from anywhere in the world.
“The current property management industry is living in the dark ages and we felt it was time to meet the standards of today’s tech-first world.” says Bryan Fedner, co-founder and managing partner, StayMarquis. “Especially when the ability to work remotely, allowing people to be away from home for longer periods of time becomes the norm.”

Home Vision is a fully customizable house watching and property management service leveraging proprietary software that seamlessly allows StayMarquis to perform weekly inspections and provide a detailed report of each inspection directly to the owners’ cellphone. They use live photo and video functionality to show owners what is happening at their home in real time. StayMarquis’ dedicated Field Managers, who are experienced, fully insured professionals, highlight any issues found and make suggestions to the owners to rectify those issues immediately. StayMarquis only works with the most reputable service providers in the market including fuel companies, landscapers, electricians, plumbers, among others, all who provide Home Vision clients with priority service and preferred rates, saving owners thousands of dollars per year.

In working with hundreds of homeowners over the years, StayMarquis realized that many of their clients either managed their vacation homes themselves or relied on a neighbor to look after their property. The problem with either of those solutions is that owners have no means of oversight and the lack of transparency leads to owners being overcharged by service providers, and those seemingly minor issues if not caught immediately can become major issues costing thousands of dollars to fix. “We decided to leverage our technology that we use for our rental management business to help owners with property management as well” says Alex Goldstein, co-founder and CEO, StayMarquis. “The underlying functionality of Home Vision automatically notifies our maintenance division of issues as a result of how checklist questions are answered by our property managers during an inspection” he adds.

The software that powers this operation handles everything from creating jobs and property-specific checklists, to incorporating GPS technology to carry out jobs most efficiently. The reporting functionality to owners is unmatched as it provides them with timing of when tasks for their home are performed, information as to who carries out each task, when it was complete, and the results of the task, including any further actions required.

About StayMarquis
As a full-service vacation rental company, StayMarquis’ mission is to ensure owners and guests "rent without reservation." Founded in 2014, the company provides first- class marketing, booking, rental management and concierge services. StayMarquis is dedicated to being involved in every step of the vacation rental process, ensuring a streamlined and hassle-free experience for owners and guests. The company is dedicated to creating and managing vacations for homeowners, with an understanding and consideration to the unique environment of every community. Guests traveling through StayMarquis also reap the benefits of the firm’s concierge services, making sure travelers stay in the moment, and create lasting memories with friends and family. In May 2020 StayMarquis aligned with Homes & Villas by Marriott International where Marriott Bonvoy members have access to 150 StayMarquis properties across the Hamptons. StayMarquis was recently named one of INC. magazine’s Fastest Growing Private Companies and joined the list of prestigious companies in this exclusive group.

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