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By Curtis Fisher

The Smartest Gadgets You Can Buy to Add Value and Comfort to Your Home

Weighing your options when it comes to the latest smart home devices and features? You’re definitely not alone; more and more homeowners are using the latest tech to create more safety, comfort, and even savings around their homes. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you decide if smart components are right for your home.

♦ Why Add Smart Home Features in the First Place?

If you’re still on the fence when it comes to investing in smarter technology for your home, you should know that convenience is just one of the many benefits of adding smart features to a home. Adding gadgets and components to your home can actually increase your overall home value since shoppers — especially Millennials — are starting to take note of properties that come equipped with smart home features. In addition to increasing value, investing in technology updates can also eliminate wires and cords around your home, which will provide a big style boost as well. Finally, smarter devices can help reduce your monthly costs, especially if you invest in a smart thermostat to help control your heating and cooling expenses.

So, now that you understand some of the benefits that smart home components can offer, you can start shopping for other new devices and features.

♦ DIY and Smart Home Security

A few years ago, adding more security to your home meant calling a local security company to install an expensive home monitoring system. With the latest DIY security systems, you can save yourself the extra cost and hassle by installing a smarter home security system on your own. Most systems come with cameras and sensors that connect to your phone via a mobile app, so you can keep an eye on your property even while you are away. Looking for some added security for packages? If so, you should consider one of the latest video doorbells, which also connect to your phone and send you alerts whenever someone approaches your front door. Pair your video doorbell with a smart lock and you can even let people in from afar.

♦ Programmable and Smart Lighting

Looking to add even more convenience and security around your home? Then consider updating your light bulbs to smarter options. Smart light bulbs are available at various price points, and just like those DIY security systems and doorbells, these smart light bulbs keep you connected via a mobile app on your phone. With the latest bulbs and lighting options, you can turn your lights on or off with a single touch, and you can even do so from afar. Being able to control your lights from just about anywhere can help you deter would-be criminals while on vacation. Want to keep things extra sleek and stylish? Use those bulbs in updated fixtures in your kitchen or other living areas, for an added dose of style, security, and convenience.

♦ Smart and Energy-Efficient Appliances

Speaking of your kitchen, some of the most impressive new products are made to help you streamline your daily routine. Smart home appliances, including ovens, refrigerators, and even washer and dryers, can all make taking care of daily chores less of a hassle. From being able to see inside your refrigerator without opening it to receiving notifications when your oven has been left on, there are countless ways that new appliances can save you stress throughout the day, plus these appliances can also save when it comes to energy costs. Looking for even more convenience when it comes to cooking and preparing food? These smart appliances can help you do everything from blend your morning smoothies to shop for ingredients for your dinner.

Investing in new and smarter technology for your home is always a wise choice. In addition to increasing your home value, you can also increase the efficiency and safety of your home. Not to mention that smart home tech can add up to some serious savings on your monthly bills, all while making your home life more comfortable and more convenient.

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