Dispute Resolution Center

What is the Dispute Resolution Center?

All unresolved disputes between Members and Guests, including but not limited to those pertaining to remaining payment balances, property damages, refund requests, etc., are submitted to the StayMarquis Dispute Resolution Center, where such disputes are resolved by a StayMarquis representative. In our experience, relying on third parties or other systems (judicial or arbitration, by way of example) to mediate Guest and Member disputes results only in drawn-out processes and unnecessary expenses to both Members and Guest. To avoid these frustrations, StayMarquis offers the StayMarquis Dispute Resolution Center to its users at no additional cost, and requires that such users, as a condition to entering into our (i) Booking Agreement, and (ii) Property Promotion Agreement agree to be fully bound by the terms of the resolution provided. We have found that this is the fastest, most effective way of reducing time spent arguing, and maximizing the return on your experience with StayMarquis.


Please note that disputes must be submitted to the StayMarquis Dispute Resolution Center, via your membership portal, within 14 days of the end of the respective reservation. Upon submission of a dispute, your StayMarquis representative may request or require additional documentation, in efforts to make sure the resolution reached is considerate of all of the circumstances surrounding the underlying dispute.

For Travelers

Requesting a Refund: If you are a guest and would like to request a refund from the owner, click the button below or complete the form located here. Once the form is submitted, your request for a refund will be reviewed, and we will be in touch with the refund determination. If a resolution is not attained with the owner, StayMarquis’ Dispute Resolution Team will act as the mediator to come to a fair resolution.

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For Owners

Requesting Additional Payment: If you are an owner and would like to request for additional payment due to damages, excess cleaning, utilities or other incidentals caused by your guest, please visit the resolution center in the owners portal. You have 12 days to submit a request for additional funds after the guest’s departure date, though an extension may be requested and granted by Marquis in its sole discretion. When submitting the request for payment from the guest, be sure to be as descriptive as possible and include proof of damages, as well as associated costs.

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